Dec 30

Guest Wi-Fi, Rural Broadband & Energy Management: A Look Back at 2014

By Cody Barbierri |

We always get a little sentimental as the New Year approaches, so we thought we would take a quick look back at not only some of the projects we worked on, but also what it means for guest Wi-Fi, rural broadband and energy management in 2015.

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Dec 24

FCC Reflects on Rural BroadBand Experiment

By Admin |

The FCC's Jonathan Chambers, Chief, Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis, took time today to post a synopsis of their Rural Broadband Experiment auction process to date. 

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Dec 18

Managed Network Services- Integrating Your Legacy and Wireless Networks

By Michael Blanco |

Wireless Networks |

Companies of all sizes have long reaped the benefits of the networked workplace – increased employee communication, collaboration and productivity. Many of those networks are going wireless. This trend will only accelerate as employees become more mobile, data streams grow larger and businesses need communication channels to be ubiquitous.

Many companies are realizing that their legacy wired networks cannot keep up with the explosive rise in network usage and complexity. Rather than try to switch wholesale from wired to wireless, they see the advantages in maintaining some combination of wired and wireless networks. They rely on these networks for a growing number of needs, from giving employees access to business applications to facilitating operations. 

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Dec 11

Is The Future of Dark Fiber Data Security?

By Frank DeMasi |

Over the last couple of years, we've seen a resurgence of talk around dark fiber within the industry. Just yesterday FierceTelecom noted how it has become a "sexy" trend again and may be a valuable source of revenue for many providers.

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Dec 09

FCC Announces Preliminary Winners in $100M Rural Broadband Experiment

By Admin |

The Federal Communications Commission has announced its preliminary selections for the $100 million Rural Broadband Experiment. Those selected included wireless ISPs, local telephone companies, cable companies and power companies. A complete list of provisional winners can be found here.

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Dec 08

Army Reports on Renewable Energy Projects with Private Sector

By Admin |

Over the past decade the United States has witnessed a groundswell of support for renewable energy projects, largely stemming from an increased awareness of global warming. As private businesses have increased their efforts to "go green" government organizations have begun to catch on as well. For the US Army this issue takes on an even greater importance as Army installations require secure and reliable energy to accomplish their missions. The idea of energy security is well established and has been a priority for U.S. military installations across the country. 

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