Cyber Security Meet Energy Management

By Admin | October 8, 2015

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You often hear two pretty regular conversations going on in our space. The first,  that cyber security is a major issue and that many people are still figuring out how to best manage it on a daily basis. The second, energy management is increasingly important and is a major money saver once implemented using the correct technology and infrastructure. However, you don't often, or at least not yet, hear the two conversations happening together. Until today, when we came across a great article over at Energy Manager Today, dubbed "The Tie Between Cyber Security and Energy Management." 

The piece references a much longer analysis of the two topics over at Chain Store Age, but does a great job summarizing the important aspects of cyber security and energy management, which we  agree with and have noted in the past with many of our clients in the space. The new software that's needed to support energy management in the cloud and the software needed for advanced cyber security can and should be implemented together. Through the cloud, the advanced capabilities of connected devices and smart objects, like meters, are essential to the savings aspect of energy management. They are also important in making sure the facilities that house these infrastructure are also safe and secure.

In the end, the cloud is a very important piece to connecting these two conversations, but what's also important is the network that houses it all. Wireless connectivity and protection is the backbone to all of these capabilities and thus needs to be well engineered, designed and implemented - something we know how to do very well


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