FCC Releases Another $16M for Rural Broadband

By Admin | November 17, 2015

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The FCC has just announced the release of another $16 million for rural broadband funding. The organization will distribute the funds to four carriers covering more than 2,400 census blocks across five states. 

The funding is part of the FCC's previously announced Rural Broadband Experiments, which looks to fund $100 million in total to bring high speed Internet to rural citizens. Those selected as preliminary winners included wireless ISPs, local telephone companies, cable companies and power companies. A complete list of provisional winners can be found here. The organization says it received more than 500 bids in total. 

The FCC isn't the only government agency looking to provide funding for rural broadband, the USDA has announced funding as well as Connect America, which wants to provide $1.7 billion. 

As a trusted partner in making complex wireless installations seem effortless, RESOLUTE Partners provides multi-tower wireless networks to deliver broadband Internet access to communities previously "off the grid." Our current work with the Seneca Nation of Indians is bringing broadband connectivity to as many as 1,000 Seneca Nation homes in upstate New York. The coverage is approximately 24 square miles of rural, difficult to access terrain. For more information, use the button below:

Download Seneca Case Study

Model RFP for Wi-Fi

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