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By Admin | March 26, 2015

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140621017In 2006, the U.S. achieved 99% Internet access for all K-12 public schools and libraries. Since that time, the percentage has stayed the same, but what's changed is how we consume Internet, especially in education.

In today's classrooms, Internet access is more important than ever. Schools are moving from the textbook to the iPad and classroom assignments are being handed in digitally, rather than on a piece of paper. With that, the need for more than dial-up Internet is greater than ever. 

Thanks to the government's E-Rate program, which added additional funding last year of $1.5 billion, schools are slowly progressing towards a more reliable high-speed Internet and, most importantly, solid infrastructure to support it. A recent article in The Atlantic noted that most schools have the same broadband speeds as a single family home. However, a school's network supports on average 200 more people. Spotlighting the need for more advanced engineered wireless solutions. 

RESOLUTE Partners recently had the opportunity to complete a project targeted at bringing Holy Cross High School, a private school in Waterbury, CT, and its outdated wireless network infrastructure up to speed for today's standards. With more than 675 students, faculty and staff, the 6 week project was a complete engineered solution top to bottom. If you're interested in learning about this project, please download our free case study below.

Holy Cross Case Study  

Model RFP for Wi-Fi

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