Hackers Attack Energy Grid Causing Black Out

By Admin | January 8, 2016

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Screen_Shot_2016-01-07_at_6.01.40_PM.pngThe threat of hackers is just about everywhere these days, but many don't think of an electrical grid as a target. Think, again. According to The Washington Post, hackers have attacked a power grid in the Ukraine and were able to disconnect substations leaving an entire region without power for hours. 

No one more than the military understands this potential threat by hackers to energy management systems (EMS). The Wall Street Journal reported on the strategic move by the Pentagon to become more independent of the grid and highlights the installation at Twentynine Palms. In fact, the article mentions our partner, Johnson Controls as having control of the entire facility from a control room where, “Technicians monitor equipment settings and temperatures in buildings with gear from Johnson Controls Inc., reducing complaints about hot rooms. Motion sensors and high-efficiency lighting cut electricity consumption.” 

And the network that connects it all (for more than 250 buildings and over 1,000 network IP devices)? Designed and installed by RESOLUTE Partners in partnership with Johnson Controls. Together, we designed and deployed a "robust" RF network to replace and expand an unreliable fiber optic network. You can read our case study here:

Download 29 Palms Case Study

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