Is The U.S. Power Grid Safe From Cyber Attacks?

By Admin | July 13, 2015

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Screen_Shot_2015-07-10_at_11.12.54_AMThough a relatively new threat, cyber attacks are still very real. Accordng to a recent study, a cyber attack on the nation's power grid could cost insurance companies upwards of a $1 trillion in down time and damages. The same study polled voters and found out that 32% feel that cyber attacks are a real issue, which isn't suprising considering the computer "glitches" that recently took down the New York Stock Exchange, United Airlines and the Wall Street Journall all in the same day. 

To combat these concerns, the government, as well as the military, are taking measures to make their energy systems safer from hackers. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the strategic move by the Pentagon to become more independent of the grid and highlights the initiatives at a Marine Corps base in California. The article mentions our partner, Johnson Controls as having control of the entire facility (over 200 buildings) and the network that connects it all from a central control room. The network was installed by RESOLUTE Partners in working with Johnson Controls. Together, we provided a wireless network to replace and expand an unreliable fiber optic network. You can read our case study below.

RESOLUTE's Director Federal Solutions, Aaron Ezrilov, concludes "The detailed classification of smart infrastructure is as robust and secure as its weakest link. The day of 32bit operating systems and open RS-232 ports represent the greatest threat to the progress toward centralized management and control. The ever growing appetite for technology and reverse engineering integration pathways is what leads to a hodge podge of systems that were not designed to work together. It’s the little things, the pieces of the network that are overlooked or too complicated to tackle at the moment that will allow a  breach resulting is a loss of network access and or control."

29 Palms Case Study



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