Managed Network Services- Integrating Your Legacy and Wireless Networks

By Michael Blanco | December 18, 2014

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Companies of all sizes have long reaped the benefits of the networked workplace – increased employee communication, collaboration and productivity. Many of those networks are going wireless. This trend will only accelerate as employees become more mobile, data streams grow larger and businesses need communication channels to be ubiquitous.


Many companies are realizing that their legacy wired networks cannot keep up with the explosive rise in network usage and complexity. Rather than try to switch wholesale from wired to wireless, they see the advantages in maintaining some combination of wired and wireless networks. They rely on these networks for a growing number of needs, from giving employees access to business applications to facilitating operations. 

Advantages of Managed Network Services
Managed network services are your best option for integrating your legacy and wireless networks and extracting maximum business value from them. The advantages of managed network services include:

  • Full coverage with no dropped locations 
  • Enhanced security monitoring 
  • Optimum user experience through proper bandwidth management 
  • Improved corporate productivity and revenue 
  • Ability to set up sub-networks for specialty uses such as Internet cafes or guest Wi-Fi within corporate campuses 
  • Services unavailable on legacy networks, such as content filtering and coverage intrusion protection 
  • More employees use the company network rather than consume data on their corporate cellular plans, reducing costs 
  • Ability to scale as the demands on network capacity inevitably increase 
  • Seamless integration of future business applications into the network 

Affordable Managed Network Services
Managing your network may sound expensive, whether you use in-house resources or a contractor. RESOLUTE Partners offers a solution that is affordable to small, medium and large businesses – VersiWorks. 

VersiWorks is our proprietary platform for managing network services. It simplifies and automates network management. It integrates your broadband networks even if they're on disparate platforms, and allows us to manage all networking hardware and software from a single dashboard. We use VersiWorks to manage network services for a number of military, federal government and business clients in the U.S. and abroad.

Managing network services with VersiWorks and hardware from our partners. Credit: HP Network Solutions.VersiWorks fulfills the promise of managed network services. It can be extensively adapted to align with your network environment and business needs. Through its real-time monitoring technology, we can identify changes in traffic patterns and configure controllers and access points accordingly. Its database capabilities mean you get a full range of financial, sales and usage reports.

There's more to VersiWorks than just the ability to manage your network, however. The platform also allows you to manage the interactions between the network and your guests and employees. For example, you can monitor how they use your networked printers, or how often they access your intranet, or how frequently they shop while on the network. You can even offer your users new features and functions through VersiWorks, making your employees – and network – more productive.

Wireless networks of the past had choppy coverage and were hard to set up and maintain. Today's wireless devices are secure, dependable and can be controlled remotely. They lend themselves to easy integration with existing networks. As you expand the wireless portion of your networks, consider using managed network services to maximize the benefits from your deployment.

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