More Rural Broadband Grants Awarded by USDA

By Admin | July 22, 2015

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Screen_Shot_2015-07-22_at_11.15.16_AMThe latest in bringing more high-speed broadband to rural Americans comes from the USDA, who has just approved $85.8 million in loans ($74.8 million for Telecom and $11 million in Community Connect Grants). 

Focusing on several states, such as Minnesota, South Carolina, Montana, Wisconsin, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said:

"The investments USDA is making today will deliver broadband to rural communities that are currently without high-speed internet service, or whose infrastructure needs to be upgraded. Improved connectivity means these communities can offer robust business services, expand access to health care and improve the quality of education in their schools, creating a sustainable and dynamic future those who live and work in rural America."

At the beginning of the year, the USDA had announced its plans to distribute loans for broadband services  in conjunction with the Community Connect plan. Since 2009, this now accounts for 74 total Community Connect grants equaling over $77 million.

If you've received a grant, or have an existing grant, and are looking for a partner or to assist or supplement your existing team, please don't hesitate to connect with us. We hold a wealth of knowledge and experience in executing these types of projects.

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