More States Join Municipal Broadband Battle

By Admin | November 19, 2015

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We can now welcome Alabama and South Carolina to the list of states which are opposing the FCC's preempted ruling that those state's laws were "barriers to broadband deployment, investment and competition" and conflicted with the FCC's "mandate to promote these goals." 

Recently, the FCC made an preempted ruling against states looking to limit municipalities from establishing their own broadband networks. This one preempted state laws restricting community broadband service in North Carolina and Tennessee and allowed expanded municipal broadband in two towns in these states, which were later revealed to be Chattanooga, TN, and Wilson, NC. 

However, the FCC doesn't appear to be backing down. It feels that these states are not deploying broadband options in a timely manner and thus the preemption will stay, which is good news for municipals and their city managers looking to deploy their own broadband networks.

For those interested in learning more about how a municipal can deploy its own network, please use the button below:

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