New Logo Conveys Our Corporate Philosophy on Building Advanced Networks

By Admin | November 5, 2014

To reflect the company's growth and how we go to market at RESOLUTE Partners, we’ve launched a new Website, logo and blog – and we welcome your visit.

Our core principle is we strive to be a great partner. We are steadfast in our support of the clients and vendors we do business with. And our business is to make advanced wireless and wired networks work. So we created a logo incorporating these important themes: Partnership and Communications.


What does the red symbol mean? It is inspired by the description and representative diagram of a telecom protocol that is essentially a conversation between a sender and a receiver.


The ACK (acknowledge) in the diagram is one way a receiver tells sender "I got the message." This syncing also is referred to as a "handshake" in protocol design. A two-way conversation such as this is the fundamental foundation of business partnerships. We listen carefully and demonstrate “we hear you” in our words and actions at every phase of our relationship.

In addition to the new logo, we’ve adopted a new tagline, “The Power of Partnership.” It’s our fundamental belief we accomplish more when we team effectively with our partners for the benefit of all – most importantly the end-users of the networks we design, install and maintain.

Our blog is where we’ll expand and expound on our industry and insights we believe of value to those who specify and require wireless, wired and hybrid networks for energy management and control systems, building- or campus-wide Wi-Fi and rural broadband. Please subscribe to our blog updates or visit often, and we welcome your comments and questions.

As you read our blog and downloadable content, we hope our message and mission come through. We measure our success through our customers’ and partners’ achievements, and we believe that’s a powerful way to do business.

If you would like to learn more about the power of partnership download our latest case study: Download Case Study Here

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