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By Admin | May 9, 2017

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1167278_567097733351642_92711466_o.jpgThe importance of the Department of Veteran Affairs can be one that gets lost in the day to day shuffle of most people. However, the ability to provide for these veterans is something that RESOLUTE Partners thinks about every single day. Which is why we are extremely excited to hear about the the progress from the new Veteran Affairs Chief Dr. David Shulkin.

The update comes from a recent New York Times article on Shulkin and how he's approaching the many hurdles to providing for veterans, mainly through the availability of VA medical campuses. What has Shulkin done in his time with the VA? A variety of "bold" moves according to the article, including posting wait times and other data for medical facilities, staying out of the executive suites and in the examining rooms really hearing from patients, streamline hiring, and stopping the privitization of health care

"It is great to see a hands-on executive for the VA. 'Management by doing' can be a powerful and eye opening experience – and one that can greatly benefit our veterans," said RESOLUTE Partners CEO Michael Blanco. "We support Dr. Shulkin initiative and wish him the best of luck."

RESOLUTE Partners is no stranger to the benefits of good veteran care at VA medical campuses. With 20 years of experience, RESOLUTE has worked across the country to bring  Veteran and Guest Internet Access (VGIA) service to veterans and their families. Most recently, RESOLUTE added service to two additional VA medical campuses: Northampton in Massachusetts and Monterey in California. To date, RESOLUTE Partners is responsible for the Installation and ongoing support of the Veterans Affairs VGIA in over 30 medical center campuses and clinics throughout the country. 

In addition to building VGIA networks, RESOLUTE also provides other wireless services for Enterprise, like RF planning, RF site surveys, network upgrades and integration services between traditional LAN networks and Wireless expansion networks. To read more about RESOLUTE Partners' past Veteran Affairs and wireless network projects, visit here. If you're interested in speaking with us about your needs in a similar area, feel free to contact

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