RESOLUTE Partners Brings High-Speed Internet to Holy Cross High School

By Admin | May 18, 2015

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(Press Release - May 18, 2015)

140621017RESOLUTE Partners won the opportunity to engineer a unified solution for Holy Cross High School that would efficiently deliver on-demand wireless Internet access to the campus and more than 650 students, faculty, staff, and guests. 

“We needed a solutions provider that understood the complexities of a private school that includes students, faculty and staff,” said President of HCHS Tim McDonald, “all of which are accessing the Internet at different times in the day, on different devices in a variety of different places in the building.”

RESOLUTE began the project by doing a thorough site review. This was an opportunity for engineers to visit the campus and determine the best hardware and locations that would deliver the required level of Wi-Fi coverage in specified areas throughout the school. Several factors were identified and discussed as part of the site review process, including coverage, capacity, student technology and future plans. After the site review, a report was delivered to Holy Cross with a clear and concise course of action before the next phase, which was implementation.

“Their professional approach, prompt responses, careful planning and attention to detail was impressive and gave me great confidence in moving forward. Their competency goes without saying,” said McDonald.

Based on the approved site review action report, Resolute created a detailed implementation plan for the school, including additional fiber runs, additional IDF locations, access point type and location, and network backbone upgrades. Once the installation was completed, RESOLUTE implemented the detailed configurations for the network, including SSID’s and VLAN’s. After the configurations were in place, network testing could be completed.

The entire project took just 6 weeks to complete and when asked to sum up the experience, McDonald stated, “It was a pleasure to work with them and the end result was better that I could have imagined.”

About RESOLUTE Partners

RESOLUTE Partners engineers, installs, operates and maintains a complete range of Internet access and fixed wireless communications solutions for healthcare, government and commercial enterprises around the world, including hospitals, education facilities, military bases and office parks. All designed to offer an enhanced experience for end users, improve operating efficiencies, reduce costs and create new business opportunities for our customers. Established in 1997, RESOLUTE Partners has the knowledge, discipline and experience to deliver on all of your network needs, including guest Wi-Fi, rural broadband and energy management and control networks. RESOLUTE is ready to provide a portfolio of services as a prime contractor or through teaming agreements with other contractor holders.   

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