RESOLUTE Partners Adds Northampton & Monterey to Growing List of VGIA Locations

By Admin | November 17, 2016

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wi-fi-1655553_960_720.pngRESOLUTE Partners, as part of the Four Points Technology team, is proud to announce that it has been selected to install Veteran and Guest Internet Access (VGIA) service at two additional VA medical campuses: Northampton in Massachusetts and Monterey in California. To date, RESOLUTE Partners is responsible for the Installation and ongoing support of the Veterans Affairs VGIA in over 25 medical center campuses and clinics throughout the country. Most recently, Resolute Partners announced the installation of VGIA service to the Syracuse VA Medical Center campus

Hospitals are some of the most challenging places in which to install wireless networks. Demand for such networks, however, continues to rise, as patients, their families and guests depend on the Internet for entertainment, research and to communicate with loved ones. For the two new campuses, the service will be similar to that found in other healthcare facilities, as well as hotels and other venues, and consist of the installation, maintenance, and VGIA services as required in multiple buildings. Each location will require individual site surveys, which will impact the design, cabling, inspection and maintenance of the networks. 

Resolute typically builds VGIA networks with expansion in mind. VGIA is becoming more important at these locations so the focus is on building networks that perform today and well as next year and the year after. This allows for additional expansion as needed for the customer.  In addition, these networks can be leveraged for additional services like Wayfinding – the ability to use the VGIA network to deliver to the user information beyond just Internet access, in this case it could be specific information about the location and can even be expanded to deliver in-building location.

In addition to building VGIA networks, Resolute also provides other wireless services for Enterprise, like RF planning, RF site surveys, network upgrades and integration services between traditional LAN networks and Wireless expansion networks. To read more about RESOLUTE Partners' past Veteran Affairs and wireless network projects, visit here. If you're interested in speaking with us about your needs in a similar area, feel free to contact

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