RESOLUTE Partners to Install Guest Wi-Fi at Syracuse VA

By Admin | August 3, 2016

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rotate1_VISN02_Syracuse.jpgRESOLUTE Partners, as part of the Harris and Four Points Technology team, has been selected to install Veteran and Guest Internet Access (VGIA) service to the Syracuse VA Medical Center campus. The service will be similar to that found in other healthcare facilities, as well as hotels and other venues. The team will provide the installation, maintenance, and VGIA services as required on floors of the facility. 

The project will begin with a full pre-install site survey. The purpose of the survey is to understand the exact site conditions and learn what limitations are created by floor layout and construction materials, access concerns, etc., in order to produce a final CPMP for the installation. The survey will specifically address the effect multiple networks in the facility will have on performance and usability of all the networks.

During the survey, the team will also conduct a full radio frequency (RF) spectrum analysis to ensure non-interference with Syracuse VA wireless medical technology systems (WMTS) by measuring signal strength in the desired coverage areas in each location. The result of the survey will be predictive heat map coverage identifying optimum installation access point locations, effective boundaries and minimum signal to noise ratios to support the system. This will include collaborating with the medical center to prevent potential interference with medical center’s wireless access. If there is conflict for wireless spectrum or physical space, the needs of the VA shall take precedence over guest access.

Once the survey is complete and approved, the team will work with the center to establish a controller, switches, cabling and access points during installation with a specific focus on not interfering with the daily operations of the campus. In addition, RESOLUTE's operations support system, VersiWorks, will be implemented giving guests access to user login and one click access. 

To date, RESOLUTE Partners is responsible for the Installation and ongoing support of the Veterans Affairs VGIA in 25 medical center campuses and clinics throughout the country. Networks include the VA Palo Alto Healthcare System, Northern California, Nebraska, Western Iowa and San Diego. RESOLUTE is responsible for the design, engineering, installation, and maintenance of these diverse VGIA networks.

To read more about RESOLUTE Partners' past Veteran Affairs and wireless network projects, visit here. If you're interested in speaking with us about your needs in a similar area, feel free to contact

Model RFP for Wi-Fi

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