RESOLUTE Partners to Install Guest Wi-Fi Networks in 25 VA Hospitals.

By Admin | November 3, 2014

dva-logoHospitals are some of the most challenging places in which to install wireless networks. Demand for such networks, however, continues to rise, as patients, their families and guests depend on the Internet for entertainment and research and to communicate with loved ones.

Recently, the Department of Veterans Affairs awarded contracts to RESOLUTE Partners to provide Wi-Fi Internet access in 25 hospitals and clinics in several regional VA health care systems across the country. Facilities range from large multi-building campuses to smaller single-building community-based outpatient clinics.

We will provide what the VA refers to as Veterans Guest Internet Access (VGIA). Facilities will offer Wi-Fi as an amenity to their patients and visitors, who will enjoy convenient, easy-to-access Internet service in public waiting areas and some patient rooms. The guests will be connected to the Internet via a local service provider, and the entire network infrastructure will be managed and supported by RESOLUTE's network operations center in Connecticut and local field support technicians. 

Wireless Installations in Hospitals Present Unique Challenges

There are few places that have as heavy a concentration of electronic devices per square foot as a hospital. These include patient care carts, telemetry devices, patient monitors, transponders, internal radio networks and local wireless networks, all used by hospital staff.

Hospitals require that our Guest Wi-Fi networks not conflict with any existing patient care or hospital business networks. We thoroughly plan our installation and test our equipment configuration and network design to ensure total separation between our system and a hospital's other networks.

Patient-Care Sensitivity When Setting Up Hospital Wireless Networks

While installing Wi-Fi networks in hospitals, we are sensitive to the needs of patient care. Our technicians work closely with hospital staff and administrators to ensure there is no disruption to patient care and comfort or to staff routines as we perform construction activities such as moving ceiling tiles and pulling communications cabling. We take care not to block corridors when hanging access points. We use specially designed containment units to capture dust and particulates that may become airborne during the installation process.


Site surveys and installations are under way. We look forward to helping the Department of Veterans Affairs provide its patients and their families with wireless Internet access.

RESOLUTE Partners' new contract awards for the installation and support of wireless internet access include the following VA hospitals and clinics:

  • VA Northern California Health Care System – 9 Locations from Oakland to Sacramento
  • VA Nebraska and Western Iowa Health Care System – 8 Locations including Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska
  • VA Palo Alto Heath Care System Campus including the Menlo Park Medical Center
  • VA Aspire Center San Diego

RESOLUTE Partners was previously awarded a contract for Wi-Fi service at the VA San Diego Medical Center.

If you would like more information on how a managed wireless network can benefit your hospital or government agency, contact us today. 

Learn more about our government contracting capabilities here:
Model RFP for Wi-Fi

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