RESOLUTE Quoted on FCC Wi-Fi Blocking in Network World

By Admin | February 4, 2015

free-wifiNetwork World recently published in an in-depth look at the FCC's ruling that businesses can no longer block personal Wi-Fi signals within their locations and Resolute's very own VP Information Technology, Frank DeMasi, was quoted:

Frank DeMasi, VP of IT at wireless network and infrastructure company Resolute Partners, calls the FCC's approach "a war on service". He continues: "If you own a building or provide a service and you have to allow people to bring their own [Wi-Fi] with no regard to your personal property rights or service rights, I see that as an issue. It seems the FCC is about making [Wi-Fi] available everywhere no matter what."

DeMasi compared the situation to owning a football stadium -- and selling concessions -- and not being allowed to ban ticket holders from bringing in their own beers and hot dogs. That would certainly cut into profits, he said.

The FCC is certainly making waves in the New Year around broadband, net neutrality and more. We will be sure to stay on top of the news and provide our expert insights and analysis.

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