RESOLUTE Partners Installs Wi-Fi Service for Connecticut Army National Guard

By Admin | March 11, 2016

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RESOLUTE Partners is pleased to announce that it was chosen by the Connecticut Army National Guard to design and install Wi-Fi network service at the Regional Training Institute at Camp Niantic, a National Guard training center in Groton, Connecticut.

The project required RESOLUTE to deploy a wireless network allowing students and staff controlled access to the Internet.

The service includes network mapping, intrusion detection and network security. The service is flexible and was designed to allow the Guard to add service to other campus buildings as needed.

In addition to the Wi-Fi service, RESOLUTE provides content filtering that covers commercial Internet access circuits at Camp Niantic. Filtering is the restriction of specific blacklisted sites and related heuristics, such as bit torrent or gambling. The solution includes remote administration and configuration of filtering parameters. The cloud based content filtering service is expandable and will allow other Guard locations in the State to be added in the future if desired.

If you have campus wireless needs or questions about installing an advanced wireless network on your campus, please feel free to reach out here




Model RFP for Wi-Fi

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