Rural Broadband Still At Large

By Admin | June 15, 2016

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City-guide-cover-380x480.pngRecently, U.S. News & World Report republished a piece from a professor at Oklahoma State University about rural broadband and why we still face issues with connecting rural residents to broadband standards.

In fact, just 55% of Americans have what constitutes as broadband speeds. While the story focused on the typical issues of major carriers not wanting to run lines to single homes and it being much more profitable for them to stick to urban areas, the end of the piece is what we found most interesting which focuses on "Going Wireless." Unfortunately, the writer only briefly touches on the opportunities within wireless and as a company helping rural communities with broadband we wanted to offer up a more comprehensive option to readers. 

Building a broadband network requires pulling together many disciplines, such as engineering, construction, operations, finance and billing. In this exclusive guide based on our 17 years of experience with wireless networks, we offer valuable guidelines on engineering and operations for those who are leading broadband installation projects in rural areas. Download the full guide below:

Download Municipal Broadband Guide




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