Oct 13

What is Government IoT?

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Most likely you've heard of The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, in the recent years. The advances in technology and wired and wireless services that are now available has given birth to an era where many devices are now connected to a central hub or each other, communicating, sharing data, optimizing our lifestyles. But, what many people don't see and often times flies under the radar, is how the public sector and government are using IoT to help create benefits to our everyday lives and be more environmentally conscious, like saving energy. 

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Apr 04

Is Industrial Internet of Things Security at Risk?

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network-782707_960_720.pngThe industrial or enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) may not get the news time like its commercial countertparts, but that doesn't mean that security is any less of an issue. Similar to the threat of hackers taking over your lights, locks, thermostats or Amazon Echos, industrial facilities are also at risk, including places like energy grids, one of which was recently hacked leaving residents without power for hours in the Ukraine. 

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Feb 19

Internet of Things Creates Smart Energy Management Networks

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Energy management and control networks have historically been used to receive data from remote devices and send control instructions back to them. In most cases, the devices do not talk to one another, or exchange only limited amounts of data amongst themselves.

The next step in the evolution of energy management and control networks is to add true interconnectivity between these devices – to make them part of the Internet of Things (IoT). 

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